About Us

We Specialise in Embroidery

Here at Aussie Embroidery we take pride in our top of the range Embroidery machines and supplies. We have 2 machines which gives us the ability to do large and small jobs with a 10 day turn around from ordering to receiving the finished job.

Logo Design

For a once off fee  we can digitise your logo and print off a sample patch to make sure your happy with the job before we Embroider it to your garments. Once we have the logo it can be used time again and can be modified to fit on clothing, towels, caps, bags and more

We also use vinyl for large lettering and sporting apparel


we have many different clothing companies that we work with to ensure you get exactly what your looking for with very reasonable pricing. Come in and see what we have in stock or look through our many catalogues to find something else.